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The Latina Power Network (LPN) scholarship program was created in 2020 to advance, elevate, and bring equity to Latina women by aiding them on their journey to higher education and professional development.  It is the vision of LPN to increase the number of Latinas in leadership roles across local, state, and national platforms and our leadership feels that one way to accomplish this is by removing barriers and clearing pathways to success through scholarships.

Scholarships may be awarded for the following higher education and professional development expenses including, but not limited, to leadership programs, testing and class fees for higher education entrance exams such as the SAT, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, and others not mentioned, and tuition and fees for higher education coursework.

LPN scholarships are awarded on an objective and non-discriminatory basis and are solely made to further our Organization's mission.  Scholarship recipients are selected on several factors as well as other economic and non-economic criteria.  These factors include but are not limited to, prior work experience, educational accomplishments and academic achievements, leadership experience, contributions to a specific field, community engagement, educational and financial goals, financial need, ability, motivation, character, potential, and the relevance of the recipient’s course of study and career objectives as they align to LPN’s goals.

Scholarships will be available to Latina Power Network members only, will be awarded at a time specified by the Organization, and are subject to change.  

Special Named Scholarships

LPN has also developed a “Special Named Scholarship” program.  Scholarship donations of $500 or more can be made on behalf of an individual, or corporations.  Special Named scholarships can also be awarded towards the pursuit of a specific degree, certificate, leadership program, or towards the achievement of a specific achievement.

2020 Named Scholarships and Donors include the following:

  •          MedWheels

  •          HEB


For more information on donating to this program and creating, please contact Elizabeth at

210-602-4076 or at

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